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Microneedling is a simple procedure that can increase collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. But what exactly is microneedling, and how does it improve the appearance of the skin?
It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses equipment with tiny needles to pierce the top layers of the skin in a controlled.


How does microneedling work?
First, the immune system responds to the piercing by disinfecting the wounds, which removes debris while increasing blood flow and starting the process of making new tissue. This can be considered the inflammatory phase. The next phase is about reconstruction, with the development of new cells and new blood vessels. The final phase is remodeling, or replacing the wound with new tissue and blood vessels.
Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy or skin needling, is usually performed on the face, but it can be applied to most areas of the body. The procedure is cost-effective and relatively painless with minimal recovery time.
Although microneedling devices are available at home, the needles dull quickly and cannot penetrate the skin as deeply as the high-quality equipment in a dermatologist’s office. As a consequence, home results will pale in comparison to those produced by your dermatologist. Sterilization equipment is routine in medical offices, while home equipment that is improperly sterilized can harm you.

Treatment areas
Microneedling is a way of remodeling the skin. It rejuvenates the skin by smoothing it and creating a soft texture. It can eradicate acne and acne scars, reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging skin, and even out skin discoloration problems such as melasma (done by combining with peeling).

What you can expect during the treatment
With all this talk about microneedles, you may be wondering if this is a painful procedure. A local anesthetic reduces the pain. Patients report a vibrating sensation during the treatment, which usually lasts approx. 30 minutes. After the session, the skin will probably be slightly red, as in a mild or moderate sunburn. This usually lasts between a few days and a week, depending on how sensitive the skin is. Some patients experience temporary dryness, rough texture, peeling or tenderness as the skin heals to reveal new, silky skin.
Depending on whether you combine the treatment with a peel and how many treatments you receive, the results last between one and three months.

Post-treatment care
As with treatments such as laser hair removal and microdermabrasion, after your session you will need to stay out of the sun for several days while your skin heals. When you have to spend time outside, sunscreen is important. Most patients are advised to use a moisturizer to help the skin heal and prevent it from drying out. Patients should wait a few days before applying makeup.

Who should get microneedling?
People who have considered microdermabrasion but don’t want to wait to see improvements in their skin can opt for microneedling, which usually provides better results that are visible in less than a week.
Microneedling is safe for people of all skin tones. With treatments such as laser hair removal, skin pigmentation can be a consideration, but with microneedling there are no such concerns.
Combined treatments
Microneedling alone can improve the skin. In typical cases, three treatments are recommended at monthly intervals for around three months. That said, the careful addition of chemical peels will enhance the results of a microneedling treatment. This is because the microneedles open up micropores, which are channels that enable safer delivery of the chosen peeling agent to a deeper skin layer, which gives the best results. If you are in doubt about which treatment is best for your situation and your goals, book a consultation appointment.

Glowing result
Being kind to your skin by following the aftercare plan and attending the recommended follow-up sessions will help you remodel your skin and give you the silky softness you seek.

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